London Poetry Anthology


The Silver Cross of King's Cross

Why wend alone with baby Blue

On streets as these as if no home?

King’s Cross is perilous by night,

to see Blue mewl by old street light.


What tale of woe as queer as thee?

Not urchin yet but aristo,

Nor lady less for pity she

On poets took without a sou.


The penniless of Islington,

Do not live life by any code.

He grasped her fruit and made her bed

In King’s Cross though she from King’s Road.


Now where is he, his spirit free

To roam this town as boheme might?

The flowered fall for liberty,

Insensate tales and taxi-lights.


She pushed ahead with distant pride,

The Silver Cross swathed in duck egg

Pashmina drapes that strove to hide

The unclothed foot of baby’s leg.


Oh weary woman, London lass,

You have no home dismal to see.

But baby Blue is sleeping fast,

And all may fall as easily.

Christabel Milbanke 2016.


Christabel Milbanke's poem The Silver Cross of King's Crossis to be published in an anthology of London-themed poetry in memory of Channing school girl Alexandra Wylie. Alexandra tragically lost a two-year battle against an incurable form of cancer in 2010 aged just 17.

One of Alexandra's dreams, as was later found in her diary, was to publish an anthology of 112 poems. The anthology will explore the ideas of boundaries within the city in which Alexandra grew up.

The anthology will feature poetry from popular poets Alex Preston, Stephen Collis and Nancy Gaffield, amongst many others.

The Silver Cross of King's Cross explores issues of homelessness and class, historically two of the biggest boundaries Londoners continue to face. 

All proceeds from the anthology will go to the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation

For more information contact: The London Journalist