Evans & Peel launches new Chiswick venue

Tonight, Evans & Peel, Earl's Court's favourite late night secret prohibition-style bar, opens its doors to a their new Chiswick location.

The new bar, disguised as an old London pharmacy, will please Evans & Peel regulars who will enjoy the same tongue-in-cheek role-play that has proved such a successful formula at their Earl's Court's 'Detective Agency' which has been open for 5 years.


To enter, guests will ring a doorbell and be greeted by the legendary pharmacist; it is then their task to make their way into the secret 1920's style bar.

There will be secret passwords for those in the know; these guests they will be escorted straight into the bar through the pharmacy, as the windows simultaneously black out to preserve its secret identity.  

Expect old fashioned hijinks, winks and whispers alongside divine expertly-made cocktails and a Roaring Twenties jukebox at Evans & Peel's new Chiswick pharmacy, which opens for business on the 21st of August.


From the 21st - 28th of August Evans & Peel are offering those who make an appointment 30% off their prescriptions.