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The London Journalist's Christabel Milbanke interviewed Edd Whyte from Pink Cigar, the bad boys of London's rock and roll scene, ahead of their new single launch "Bombs" on the 10th of June at the Camden Assembly. 

Tell us about the inspiration for the new song and video? 

Bombs is a powerful song about our perspective of all the tension and heat going on around the world right now. We're in London with 'no blood on our door' and all we need is 'Booze, Food, Oyster and Rent' instead of shelter from Bombs and Bullets. We made a video which is really fun but also to the point. I'm sure it will offend some but you have to read the lyrics first before you judge. 

Where does Pink Cigars signature style come from?

A cocktail of all our personalities and our musical influences. When we first started the band I never imagined it would morph into what it is but that's our nature and you gotta embrace it. It's a lot of fun.

As you know, London's music venues are dwindling with the Astoria and Hammersmith Palais among some of sorest losses, which remaining venues are your favourite to play and why? 

We like the 100 club because of the history and location. It’s got a weird shape stage and an obnoxious pillar in the middle but it’s always special. Everyone has played there from The Sex Pistols to Amy Winehouse and of course Pink Cigar. The Camden Assembly is also one of the last remaining good venues to play at, which

Left to right: Sam Rutland, Sam Cottrell, Edd Whyte and Sid Mayall.

Left to right: Sam Rutland, Sam Cottrell, Edd Whyte and Sid Mayall.

A typically energetic Pink Cigar gig

A typically energetic Pink Cigar gig


Tell us a story that sums up Pink Cigars behaviour and dynamics? 

One of our first gigs on our first song Sam Rutland (Bassist) did a ‘rock ’n’ roll’ jump and went to ground after failing to land on his feet. I went over to kick him on the floor (gently) to take the piss out of him and embrace the accident to make it less embarrassing. However as doing so I pulled my lead out my amp so my guitar cut out. I went back to amp and tried to kick the lead back in (trying to be cool) but kicked it too hard and broke my amp. We all looked at each other, put our arms up to the audience to say thank you and walked off stage. Best gig we’ve ever done.

Do you ever argue with your band mates?

Of course we do. One time on tour in Germany we were staying in the spare room of the owner of the venue we were playing. We got into this massive row at 4am making such a racket that the owner had to come into our room and tell us to be quiet and we immediately did like he was an intimidating father and we were humiliated kids.

What's your favourite part of gigging and performing?
We are the fire people dance around. I like it in the fire...

Pink Cigar Single Launch
10th June 2018
Camden Assembly
49 Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8AN

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