ULI - Notting Hill

The London Journalist was glad to be invited to Notting Hill Gate’s ULI on the hottest day of the year for a taste of their impeccable summer menu!

An amalgam of culture, Notting Hill Gate is known for many things other than just that film - vintage fashion and antiques, epic street food - the list goes on.. A favourite on the weekend drawing in locals, Londoners and tourists from all over the world, the area is more colourful and chaotic than calm.


ULI - a pan-asian restaurant that blends Chinese, Thai, Malay and Singaporean cuisines - is an inspiriting restaurant that somehow manages to nurture an atmosphere of tranquility without compromising on the vibrancy or vibes of its surrounding area. Its clean blue and white interiors are almost beachy, while its outstandingly elegant al-fresco dining area provides a horticultural haven of verdant hedges, timber fencing, exotic plants and whimsical flower displays - which I am told transform regularly - successfully block out the pollutants of the outside world.

We started the evening with a round of cocktails, my guest - a beer drinker - treated himself to a classic Mojito while I opted for a berry heavy Rising Sun cocktail which combined waki sake vodka and prosecco… Let’s just say, if strong cocktails are your thing, you certainly wont be disappointed. In the end we opted to go for a lovely bottle of La Lande Cinsault Rose which perfectly accompanied our meal and set the tone as the sun decended.

Our starters whetted our appetites nicely. Perfectly cooked Crispy Calamari, and our particular favourite: the Spicy Scallops, garnished with chilli and chopped spring onions were also coated in a crispy shell that when burst oozed with a flavourful sauce, the scallops themselves handsomely thick and tender.

For mains we were spoiled by the Crispy Aromatic Duck which comes with pancake wraps, cucumber and duck sauce. The duck was faultless: soft flakes that were enhanced by the devilishly delicious gourmet sauce - more than enough for two when opting for just a quarter, this comes highly recommended. A creative addition to this dish is the Chinese Broccolli with Oyster Sauce which further enhanced the dish.


The piece de resistance had to be the Black Cod, once a delicacy served cold to kings, now a warm dish made popularised by Nobu and beloved by status-seekers around the world. ULI’s incarnation, as one of the largest portions I have seen in London restaurants, frankly puts others to shame. The silky and extravagant fish is pan-fried in teriaki sauce creating sweet, sticky and crispy exterior. Served with shoots of asparagus, as one of the more expensive dishes on the menu it shines as well worth the premium.

Honest, homely and welcoming in its approach yet luxurious at the core, my guest were more than happy to while away a particularly hot summer’s evening feeling like we were dining in a restaurant upon an unknown riviera rather than Ladbroke Road! Originally established on London’s All Saints Road in 1997, by the charismatically comic owner and manager Michael Lim, Uli recently relocated to Ladbroke Road around three years ago. Look for the Queen Elizabeth Laundry orignal signage that fondly remains from the Victorian era.



020 3141 5878


5 Ladbroke Road
W11 3PA


Monday – Thursday
12:00 – 16:45 | 18:00 – 10:45

Friday – Sunday
12:00 – 10:45